Make Your Own Valentine Cards

One thing that everyone knows about young children, is that they can do anything every create a masterpiece out of waste paper towel roll, card boards or a few popsicle sticks! Kids in the preschool and often have very creative minds with ability to use the most basic craft supplies. The many of the easiest crafts for kids under age of 6 can be made from items around the home and a few basic craft items. On this Valentine's Day, why not try a few easy ART crafts items to display in your house or to let your little crafter gift as a paresent to friends and family. Here you can find a few tried and true crafts tips that have had some positive results in you own house.

Make Your Own Valentine Cards
There are some variations on this card making. The most basic Valentine greeting card can be made from plain white paper with some markers or crayons, but the most elaborate, but still easy greeting cards may require some extra supplies. ----------

The another purpose for making these valentine cards is that your kid will take pride in the final result and also improve his creativity with some practice by writing their "signature." Basic Valentine Cards Supplies are as follows:-

-child safe scissors
-Elmers glue
-a pencil for tracing
-old magazines
-colored paper
-paper cutter
-crayons or markers

Tell you child how to make a step by step basic fold in the paper of choice. When the white paper has been folded once or twice, you just create a traditional rectangular card or trace the outline of a half-heart on folded end of the paper. With the help guidence, your child will be able to then cut the outline of the heart and make a heart-shaped Valentine card. This card craft will be surprising because each card became an original creation And give kids practice with some of essential early childhood skills of cutting, tracing, coloring, and gluing.

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