Cheshire Cat Quotes

Cheshire Cat Quotes Cheshire Cat Quotes

Cheshire cat quotes, found here!

Animal taxonomists would surely raise brows when people refer to Cheshire cats as cats. They would argue that the cats do not exist. So, where would Cheshire cat quotes come from? But hold on, what are Cheshire cats and why are they popular throughout these years?

The Cheshire cat is not a real, live cat. It is a fictional cat, or some form of character resembling the physical form of a cat, in literatures and figurative speech.

The Cheshire cat was created and mentioned by classic author Lewis Caroll in his widely popular novel, "Alice in Wonderland". The cat has caught the attention of readers, and viewers of the movie version, because of the riddle-like quotes spoken by it. For this reason, Cheshire cat quotes are popular!

Yes, in the fantasy novel, the fictional Cheshire cat was even humanized, giving it the ability to think profoundly and impart enlightenment to Alice through its interesting and profound quotes.

Many lines in "Alice in Wonderland" are popular because people are very amused at the entertaining Cheshire cat quotes. That is why many literature reviews focus on the funny or entertaining Cheshire cat quotes as they used in the novel.


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