Meaningful Life Quotes

Meaningful Life Quotes Meaningful Life Quotes

The life Quotes are totally cheesy but at the same time they are so true. Quotes tend to incite one of two reactions in people; either they make you reevaluate life (at least for a moment) or they make you roll your eyes and think think "do people really like hearing all of these life quotes?" The answer is, oddly enough, yes. They think that if the quote these things enough times that maybe that will make them a better person, or something like that. But the reality is, no matter how many times someone repeats these quotes, it will not make them a better person, you actually have to make an effort toward being better, not just sounding better.

I personally tend to hate hearing/reading these quotes, they just make me feel as though someone does not approve of the way I live my life. But maybe you fell motivated to change when you hear them, or maybe you just think they are something to say when people are irritating you with their complete lack of optimism. I am a pessimist through and through so I have heard it all, and I sometimes want to shove the life quotes in the faces of the people who tell them to me and tell them to take their own advice before giving it to other people. But I don't because I know that that would just make matters worse. So I begrudgingly listen to them as they shove their cliché quotes down my throat. And I smile and continue on like nothing ever happened.


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