Cute Quotes For Girls

Cute Quotes For Girls Cute Quotes For Girls

It is proven true that all girls are cute and it is a mystery why they can capture our hearts effortlessly, sometimes without even a bat of an eyelash. Girls will always be the cutest things on earth, and lucky for us guys, we can get to pick them, instead of them picking us. Ah, the perks of being a part of the male species. However, it takes more than looking good or having a huge bank account or being super confident to do that. Sometimes, the cheapest, simplest ways are the easiest ways to a girl's heart.

Sending cute quotes might just do the trick. Quotes are romantic, true and most of all, girls are fond of them. It's more affectionate if it's original and personalized, for it shows that you make extra effort it making them. So how do exactly make quotes that'll attract the girls?

o Make it simple. High-sounding words just won't cut it. They're stressful not to mention a major mood destroyer. So keep things in a minimal and understandable.

o Be creative. It's alright to search the internet for quotes but it's a major turn-on if you made those quotes yourself. Think of the things you love about your girl and express it through words. It's more personalized, private and intimate.


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