Headstone Sayings & Quotes

Headstone Sayings & Quotes Headstone Sayings & Quotes

A headstone saying quote, or epitaph is an inscription on a tombstone in memory of the one buried there. It gives a brief literary piece commemorating a deceased person. Some headstone sayings & quotes are taken from biblical scripture, poetry, or notes what the person was best known for.

The final stage of burial is the laying of ashes or body in the ground or vault. When you place a loved one in a cemetery, the headstone is the final piece that identifies their grave. They often are short reflections of the person's existence and highlights their personality or accomplishments.

Headstone sayings & quotes can also come in the form of comfort to the surviving family members. Nevertheless, they are unique sayings personal to the deceased. "Rest in Peace" is a popular headstone saying that is well known and often used.


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