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Hope Quotes Hope Quotes

There is nothing like hope quotes to bring us away from the brink of despair in the midst of tragedy or depressing times. That is the idea (sort of) behind this man's book, though I think that his hope is of too much of a political slant and not enough of true hope for the world. To me true hope cannot be brought by the hope quotes of a political party or political opinion, or even by a great political philosopher. If it could, then wouldn't the hope quotes of the many, many politicians of this world's history have changed the world to a much better one than what we have now. Of course, on that logic one could argue that without the hope quotes that have already been given the world that it would be a much worse place, but that is a philosophical argument for another day.

While I understand the importance that politics have played in the history of both our culture and country and the world at large, and certainly hope quotes have been important, I feel that it would take something more than what everybody is already doing and relying on to change the world from the path that it is headed down to one that is more promising, more enlightening, and better for us all.


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