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Chinese Valentine's Day falls on Thursday, 7th August 2008.

The Chinese Valentine's Day is Celebrated on 7th day of the 7th lunar month according to the Chinese calendar, the traditional Chinese Valentine's day is a day of love, romance, and passion in China.

Like always, We got a a nice little love story related with this day. Actually It is a love story of an orphaned cowherd and 7th daughter of the Emperor of the Heaven. Long ago, There was a very poor orphaned boy, After the demise of the parents he was living with his elder brother and sister-in-law. They shared their parental property and the elder brother inherited the House while the boy got only an old ox in the property.

Chinese Valentine's Day - Story, Wallpapers, Cards, Greetings, celebrations
Chinese Valentine's Day
He was works on the fields every day with that old ox. While on the other hand the mighty emperor's daughter was so good at weaving clothes that she was called with the name of 'Weaving maid'. actually the Ox was an immortal from the heaven who was sent on earth because of the mistakes he had done in the heaven.

On a day the Ox said to that innocent boy that if he wanted to get married then he have to go to the brook. The boy went to the brook and saw all the 7 daughters of the heavenly emperor, taking a bath in the brook. Suddenly the cowherd boy fell in love with 7th fairy (emperor's daughters)and hid her clothes secretly. After bathing When the 7th fairy asked him for her clothes, The boy told her that if she wants the cloths back then she have to marry him. The fairy agreed and both of them got married and had two children.

The Old ox died and told that cowherd boy to keep his hide for emergency purposes. But on the other hand the emperor of heaven wanted his 7th daughter back from earth, then emperor said to the fairy's grandmother to bring her back. The the grandmother gone to earth and when she was taking the 7th fairy to the heaven, the cowherd boy wore the hide of that ox, took his two kids along and chased after his wife in the sky. Then to keep boy and 7th fairy separated the grandmother created a new milky way with her hairpin. From then the 7th fairy lived on the star Vega and the cowherd boy lived on the star Altair with their kids. From then People suppose and said that these two lovers regularly meet each other on the evening of the 7th day of the 7th lunar month, which came to be celebrated as the Chinese Valentine's Day on 7th August every year.
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