Christmas History - Origin of Christmas, All about X-mas Festival

Christmas History and origin of Christmas - The following information is All about X-mas Festival and the facts associated with it.

Discover the history behind Christmas festival, easter and birth of Jesus Christ - The History of Christmas have a long list which includes History of the Christmas Tree and History of 12 Day of Christmas fun and merry making, Christmas gift giving history, Christmas carol history. Explore our web pages to find the information about the origin of Christmas and other unexplored truth and realties. Find all info about the history of Christmas on our website.

Christmas History - Origin of Christmas, All about X-mas Festival
Christmas history dates back to around AD 354, the time since when the Birth of Jesus Christ has been celebrated on 25th December. Earlier it was celebrated on the 6th of January but the date was changed to 25th December. The Christians appropriated many traditions, customs and festivals that were there in other parts of the world and out their stamp on them. Christmas history is full of many interesting events that took place around that time. Christmas history that tells about Jesus birth is itself a miraculous happening. The Holy Spirit brought Jesus in the womb of his virgin mother, Mary.
History of christmas
Going back into Origin of Christmas, there were festivals in the middle of winter in Egypt and Babylon. During this time period Germans fertility festivals were also celebrated. Christmas history doesn't limit to just the birth of Jesus, but it had many other events that took place during that time. Though the most significant event in Christmas history was the birth of Jesus only.

The mid-winter had been celebrated all around the world for different reasons. Much before the birth of Jesus, Europeans in the early ages celebrated this time. Christmas history is more varied than you can think of. Many ancient people exuberant in this winter season. One of the significant events in history of Christmas was the nascence of the primordial Sun God Attis, which was rejoiced in Phrygia on 25th December. On the same day, the birth of Sun God in Persia is also celebrated. The Romans celebrated a festival called Saturnalia. This was the festival devoted to the God of peace, Saturn. The festivities lasted from 17th Dec to 24th Dec.

origin of christmasAll these and more events are part of Christmas history. If you flip the pages of Christmas history you will find many enticing events that marked the importance of this.

Xmas history and origin

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