Wall-E Coloring Pages

Here you can find some great Wall-E coloring pages from the Disney/Pixar motion picture from 2008. It is a computer animated film about a robot who was built to clean up a polluted Earth. In the film he falls in love with another robot named Eve. It is a lovely film by Disney that teaches kids to be environmentally conscious, but also to be loving and follow their hearts. In true Disney and Pixar fashion, the non-human characters are very realistically personified, and humans can easily relate to them.

I loved watching this film with my daughter. And she loved coloring these Wall-E coloring pages and hanging them up on the fridge to show off her talents!

Great WallE Coloring Pages to print
Wall-E Coloring Page Printables
Disney Pixar Wall-E coloring pages
Wall-E coloring sheets from Disney
WallE Pixar Coloring Pages
Coloring sheets from the Motion Picture Wall-E
Wall-E Coloring Pages to Print out

I hope you found these Wall-E coloring pages enjoyable! I sure enjoyed the happy look on my daughter's face when while she colored them in! See you next time!

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