Naruto Coloring Pages

Naruto is a Japanese manga (comic book) and anime (animated cartoon) series that sparks the imagination of kids everywhere. Originally, Masashi Kishimoto wrote just a single one-off manga for release, but Naruto was so exciting for the manga audience that they demanded it become a regular series.

Naruto is a young ninja, who is aspiring to be the village Hokage, the most respected and authoritative ninja. Ninjas have always captured the imaginations of kids everywhere, and Naruto is no different. In fact, the manga has sold over 100 million copies in Japan.

Here are some Naruto coloring pages for the kids to enjoy.

Naruto coloring pages
Naruto coloring sheets for kids
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Japanese anime coloring pages of Naruto
Manga comic book Naruto coloring pages
Naruto coloring book pages

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