How To Draw Tinkerbell Step by Step

Today we’re going to learn a little about how to draw Tinkerbell, the most famous fairy of all times. Being known from Disney’s Peter Pan animated movie, Tinkerbell has become one of the most beloved Disney characters. And since kids love it, they also want to know how to draw Tinkerbell. And that’s what we’re going to teach you here.

We have a couple of videos later on, but first, a step by step guide with pictures. So, get your tools ready (pencils, paper and stuff), get a good look on some Tinkerbell pictures just to get an idea of what we’re going to draw (in case you don’t know how Tinkerbell looks…) and let’s get started.

First steps: Now that you know how Tinkerbell looks, we’ll start our guide with a not so popular approach: We’ll draw without any helping lines, from head to bottom. And we’re going to start with the eyes. Then sketch the face line and then the hair. Now add extra details to the face, just like in the picture bellow. And then, we’ll get to drawing the body.

Or maybe you can watch these videos to make another tink's style!

[drawing source]

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