Fathers Day Coloring Pages 2011

Before I give the father's day coloring pages, I want to tell you a bit about this special day. A friend sent me an invitation to celebrate the father's day on my facebook account, who is commemorated on the third week of this month.

fathers day coloring pages

happy fathers day coloring pages
happy fathers day

The first thing that comes to mind when receiving event invitations on my facebook, my own father. Hmm, how happy if you still have a father. I've heard people say this "I'm not jealous of your possessions, your accomplishments, with the rank you ... I'm just jealous of you who still have a father". The role of the father is no less important as a mother.

fathers day coloring tie
fathers day coloring pages i love you

Sometimes a child is more reluctant towards his father and more obedient to his father. I still remember when I was in school first level, I complained to my father cry for a fight with a friend.

He is not the father who would not necessarily defend his seat without knowing the case, I even scolded and admonished. My father taught me that hands down. My father always spoke the language well. Some sentences are very still remember:

  1. Do not be the first leader to be retarded just because you're lazy!
  2. Dig a pit grave if you do not want to obey the instruction
  3. You know, your parents are the God that you see
  4. Remember these three words into your life: for help, thank you, sorry ... I'm sure you would be welcome in the association community at large
  5. Be honest in every job, a better person to hire honest people than smart people, but fraudsters
  6. If you want to succeed it must be disciplined
And there are many more words of advice from him is a guideline for me to live. So no one if I called my dad as a "book" to me. If there is reincarnation then again, so I want to say to my dad let's pray together that God will put our position in place of the same ... I as your son and you as a father ... and we fix what ever was wrong ... we replay the moment it's beautiful moments ... and we make the relationship between me and you more than ever ... we have not had time to do the things we do ...

Happy father's day. And now, its time to download our father's day coloring pages.

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