sms love poems for girlfriend

sms love poems for girlfriend

*Every moment of life teaches us a lesson for upcoming life and every bad moment counts in our life as our great life experience. -Life

sms love poems
sms love poems for girlfriend

*Many times i thinks to jump high but with every attempt height increases.Life is not so much easy sometime our destiny decide the heights or goal for our life.We have to always do our best with full effort. -Life

*Love makes not any demand but time makes demand in love time to time. -Love

*Never thinks about distances in love,in true love your heart sound reaches to your loved one from any distances or at any time. -Love

sms love poems for girlfriend

*Love your love partner as much as that he/she can't forget you whole the life,if you are loosing your loved one then their is something missing in your love.To love someone from heart makes you strong and prepare you to fight against life difficulties. -Love

*Sometime i missing you as much as that i can't explain in words,In this situation there is only one that is I,m who knows it,you missing this time because you are not with me. -Sad

sms love poems for her

*Love is free from all boundaries of life,it can be start somewhere,sometime and with someone at anytime.Love has no limits of age,color,cast and region. -Love
*Sometime people say's that human being becomes blind in love,but according to me in love,you can see more than a single person.My love see my all sorrow and painful situation and helps me to take into brightness from darkness. -Love

sms love poems for girlfriend
lovely sms for her

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