Valentine Card Sayings

Valentine Card Sayings

Been The Ist Time In Love But Forever
Let your lover know how beautiful your life is now

Sending You My Warmest e-Wishes...
Wish your beloved a Happy first valentine

Never knew my life could be so beautiful ...
Your presence in my life has filled me with joyfulness.

The Journey Has Just Started…
Wish your beloved a Happy First Valentine

You Paint My Days With Affection
On this Valentine’s Day let your love know about your fondest feelings

Isn’t Your Heart Skipping A Beat…
On your first Valentine convey your thoughts to your love

Happy First Valentine’s Day
Extend your best wishes to your dear one on this Valentine

I Look At
Enjoy the lovely blossoms through this card on Valentine's Day.

My Sweetheart
Express your unspoken love to him/her through this card and make them feel special.

I Love You
Bestow your lover with all love and care with this card.

My Love
Showcase your love through this card.

Wanna Open My Heart...
Drown In Passion...
Send this lovely card and unleash the love in you for your love or beloved.

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