Funny Egg Coloring Pages

Not exactly relate salted egg with heart disease and high blood pressure, except if we eat it constantly and in large quantities. Because they contain almost all nutrients and minerals complete, well salted eggs consumed by infants to senior citizens.

easter coloring pages 7
Eggs are the result of cattle that have a big hand in dealing with nutritional problems that occur in society.

This is possible because the egg will be full of nutrients necessary for healthy living. Nutrients in eggs are very easily digested and utilized by the body.
easter coloring pages 2
That is why eggs are recommended for consumption by children who are growing in the developing, pregnant and lactating mothers, people who are sick or in the healing process, and the elderly (senior citizens). In other words, eggs suitable for all ages.
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Eggs are consumed by the people of Indonesia generally comes from farmed poultry. The kind that is most widely consumed chicken eggs, duck (duck), and quail. Turtle eggs, turkeys, geese, pigeons, and other domesticated fowl eggs not optimally utilized due to the production a bit.

The weight and size of duck eggs are larger than chicken eggs. Color light blue eggs are a little duck, especially in Java, such as those found in Karawang, Tegal, Magelang, and Mojosari. Balinese duck skin color, a white albino, and duck Manila (entog) white somewhat reddish.

Because of the sharp putrid smell, the use of duck eggs in a wide variety of food not chicken eggs. In addition to the more fishy smell, duck eggs also have skin pores are larger, so it's nice to be processed into salted eggs.


Shrek Coloring Pages


Christmas Greeting

The exchange of greeting cards during Christmas is an integral part of the Christmas celebrations because this is a means to stay connected with our dear ones who are away from us in the festive season.

Through the Christmas Greetings we convey our festive messages to them and wish them well for the holiday and the New Year ahead. Here is Christmas Carnivals providing you with information on the Christmas Greeting Messages.

It was only after the 1870s that the concept of sending greeting cards became a very common affair during Christmas and it is believed that the first ever card was made in London in 1846. The most common message in the greeting cards during Christmas are to wish for happiness and prosperity during the festive season and the New Year ahead, so that the festivities may continue in all our lives all throughout the year. These messages can be written in plain language or a small poem can be used to convey the sentiments. There are various kinds of Christmas poems available, so whether you wish to send a humorous Christmas message or a love message to your beloved during the festive season, you will find it all.

The quotes from the Bible also are mostly used as messages on the greeting card, because there can be no better means to convey the true essence of Christmas than by quoting the words from the Holy Book of God. Besides these you can also write your own personalized messages on the greeting cards, which may include your special appreciation or thanks giving for a particular friend or relative, whose help in the past you greatly appreciate.

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Christmas Stocking Coloring Pages, Christmas Stocking Printables


Thanksgiving Coloring Pages

Thanksgiving Day is near. Teacher from 1 grade elementary classroom provides an exciting task to draw Thanksgiving Coloring Pages. Most of the children in the class were not from the rich area, but they all celebrate the holiday with turkey and objects from Thanksgiving tradition. These objects which according to the teacher's mind would be subject to drawing students. And sure enough, most of them draw those objects.

But Douglas made a different picture he did not draw thanksgiving coloring pages. Douglas is a good kid. He is the favorite pupil of the teacher. While other children played at recess, Douglas would rather be near the teacher. One can only suspect that Douglas had a profound sadness.

Yes, the picture is not about thanksgiving coloring pages but totally different. When asked to draw something that made him glad, Douglas draws a shadow. Nothing else. Just an empty.

The abstract picture is a concern of his friends. Hand is that? One child guessed, it was the hand of a farmer, because farmers who breed turkeys. The others guess the hand of a policeman, because the police protect and care to the community. There is also a guess the hand of God, because God who created Thanksgiving Coloring Pages. The debate was continued until the teacher almost forgot the painter who drew it.

When other kids were gone, the teacher stopped at Douglas' desk, bent down and asked him, "Stair is that?” The little boy looked up to the teacher's face and replied, "That is the hand, teacher.". The teacher recalled times when he held his hand and walked with Douglas. How often he said, "Take my hand Douglas, we walked out." Or, "Look at the teacher yes." Or, "Let's do it together." Douglas is very grateful for his mother a teacher. Wiping tears from her eyes, she hugged teacher Douglas, "Thank you".

Be thankful because there are people around you, who hold your hand when you left. Those who say, 'Let's do it together ". Who always said, "Do not up the past again, you're forgiven." Grateful that among those who leave, there are still those who always support you.

And this is thanksgiving day, so its better to draw thanksgiving coloring pages as your work.

Flowers Collection Coloring Pages

Before you see the collection of flowers coloring pages we have, for a moment let us know about flowers and their parts. It is important to know, because by knowing the part of flower, we can make our coloring works better. Here it is:

flower coloring pages

Flowers are modified stems and leaves. This modification caused by the production of enzymes stimulated by a number of specific fitohormon. Formation of tight flowers are genetically controlled and in many types of environmental changes induced by some, such as low temperature, long exposure, and the availability of water (see article Formation of flowers).

rose coloring pages

Flower is the perfect flower if you have the means of male (stamens) and female tool (stigmas) together in a single organ. Flowers are so-called transvestite or hermaphrodite flowers. An interest rate is said complete if it has all the main parts of flowers. Four main sections of interest (from the outside in) are as follows:

  1. Flower petals or calyx;

  2. The crown of flowers or a corolla is usually thin and can be colored to attract insects that help the process of pollination;

  3. Male genitals or androecium (from the Greek Andros oikia: man's house) in the form of the stamens;

  4. The female genitals or the gynoecium (from Greek gynaikos oikia: "woman's house") of the pistil.

flower coloring sheet

After you read this article, I hope you know more about flower and its part. So, its time to download flowers coloring pages in our blog. Please enjoy it!

flower coloring picture

Free Bob The Builder Coloring Pages


Before you download these Bob the Builder Coloring Pages, firstly.. I will tell you how great is drawing activity for our kids brain. Here are the reason:

Teach children to draw objects as they can increase the intelligence of children, says psychologist from the University of Medan Area, Irna Minauli, MPsi. "Teaching children to draw something that appeals to them is very good for the intellectual development of children," she said.

According to her, when kids draw something will happen think processes that they wish to object image, so that the child's imagination began to emerge. Draw or paint can improve a child's imagination, so that children can freely express any appropriate power and memory capacity.

Irna said, the kids have the imagination of the most extraordinary and fishing activities could draw memory and their knowledge constantly. In addition, the drawing is also able to increase the sensitivity of children to the social environment. Even with the draw they can understand the concept of spatial (partial).


In teaching drawing, parents are expected to not dictate what to make children because it can inhibit their creativity, including color-related selection. "Parents should let kids paint whatever objects they imagine, even though initially the same object totally not structured," she said.

Different perspectives between child and parents should be well understood, because something just no question could be a question for a child, she added. Teachers painted in North Sumatra Cultural Park, Retno, admitted the children tend to draw objects by adults sometimes weird, so it needs a special approach to direct the child to be able to draw well.


Now you have one step learning on teaching our kids about coloring and drawing. So its time to download all these Bob the Builder Coloring Pages and than teach our kids to draw their own imagination.

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Celebrate the cheers of thanksgiving day by giving religious look and feel to the Corporate house where you all work together as a group. Exchange notes of thanks and gratitude with everyone else through any of these corporate thanksgiving cards as a token of your deep love and attachment with God who had blessed us with good things in life. Share those lovely feelings with all and thanking God for being there.
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Princess Snow White Coloring Pages

snow white coloring page

Do you know the story behind this princess coloring pages? Or maybe you wanna hear the most telling story about this snow white? I wanna share it to you:

Princess Snow White is a princess who is very beautiful. So beautiful, so she became the pride of the people of the land of white clouds. His Majesty the king and queen very much hope, one day the princess will get a handsome prince and princess equivalent.Princess Snow White had never thought to marry. She is very happy living at home with parents and the people who loved her.

One day, there was a prince the King of the breeze land. Prince was very handsome and intelligent, after seeing Princess Snow White; he intends to marry her. The king and queen agreed immediately. Princess Snow White sadly accepts because she did not want to fight the parents.

”Well, if Princess Snow White was willing. This month we get married." Said the Prince with cheerful hearts. Princess of snow was very surprised to hear that the wedding plans so quickly.
”I do not want to get married this month," said Princess Snow White. “
”Why, the sooner the better. I still have to do many things for the country and my people" the prince said with a huff.
"It's still winter, lots of frozen trees, flowers blooming yet, just wait for next month, and flower buds have not started blooming. I want in my wedding decorated with fragrant flowers, chirping birds, all become more beautiful.” clear Princess Snow White,
”No way!! My job is stacking. I persist this month!” Prince said firmly.

Prince immediately returned to the land of wind, Princess Snow White is very sad and cry. Her father entertaining, he promised to pick flowers in the garden palace and will bring the entire collection of birds at the palace.

A week later the wedding day arrived. Prince was ready to dress. Accompanied by the palace guards and the proud lords. They brought many gifts to prospective brides. Jewelry, clothing, silk, shoes, all very beautiful and expensive.

But for Princess Snow White, it was a dark day. There were no fragrant flowers, chirping birds, and leaves. The air was so cold body.

”Are you really loving me?” whispered Princess Snow White in the middle of a party crowd.
“Sure, but do not expect you spoiled, if later arrived at the palace, people want a wise queen. Not spoiled and whiny.” Said the Prince.

Princess Snow was surprised to hear the answer. Prince was so cold, Princess Snow White is very sad. During the wedding ceremony held disappointment Princess Snow.

“Now we're married, get packing. We must get to the land of wind, a lot of my task to finish.” said the prince,
Princess Snow White looked at him, and she hoped the prince could understand her.
“Flowers are very beautiful; can I take or put in our carriage?” Princess Snow White pleaded.
“Flowers will only pollute the train. We're leaving now.” prince replied.

Before she left her parents and her court, she walked into the rooms’ palace that will soon leave. Many childhood memories came to her eyes. Sad tears drip.

When she mounted the prince carriage, amazing event happened. The ladies ran out of the palace and went to Princess Snow.
“Lady doesn’t go!” said a lady. “See many fleecy clouds fall from the sky like a butterfly.”

Everything looks beautiful and amazing. Prince and his bodyguard were stunned amazed to see what happened.

Not sure what causes these white lumps. However, many suspects, the mass are the symbol of Princess Snow sadness. Start from that day all the people call the white clouds of the sky with a snow.

princess coloring pages

The above story is about snow white, and now is the time to download the princess coloring pages and than you must print it on a white paper before you color it.

Naruto Manga Coloring Pages

manga coloring pages

"Drawing a manga coloring pages is not a difficult lesson as Mathematics or Physics, Drawing manga is the art which can be studied with easy, if you know the way! OK we start now"

  1. The first step began looking for a comic book reference to be drawn, for example: draw existing images easier than to create their image.

  2. Before we start drawing pictures prepared of equipment such blank paper, pencils and erasers. Well .. when everything is ready lets begin.

  3. Draw the face of your favorite comic book characters does it slowly. I recommend that draw easy comic pictures like Doraemon or Sincan.

  4. Draw slowly ... and do not have to worry if the picture is not similar to the comic, we just star learning to draw now.

  5. Try drawing faces in each comic until finish. Draw a comic character's face repeatedly so that similar to the comic.

  6. Then drawing a comic character without having to look at a comic book. The resulting image may not resemble the original, but most of you already know the special features on the comic image.

  7. Draw the face of these figures in different positions, such as a picture from the side or front. Do this over and over again, and then drawing a comic character without having to look at a comic book.

  8. For the record, do not always move to draw another comic character, because it will ruin your concentration in drawing.

  9. If you are able to draw a face without having to look at a comic book. Next try to change the comic facial expressions, such as facial expression images like angry, sad or happy.

  10. Follow the step by step points are above.

If you want this character be a coloring page, so you do not need to colored it. But, if you want a full character, you must coloring your work carefully.


Free Download Kids Coloring Pages

disney coloring pages

Read the article about the benefits of kids coloring pages, making me searching on Google, software or coloring program for kids. I thought back to my writing on this blog. And the result, I found 4 coloring program for children which uploads at RapidShare. Here's the download link, if there might be interested for their children at home:

In addition to coloring pages mentioned above, also found many websites that provide coloring for children. So we can open the website, and choose which images you want colored. Examples of coloring website link:

  1. Coloringbookfun



and many more sites other colors, just search on Google with “coloring pages” terms.

Although there is also a saying that even if the coloring shackle creativity development of children, but I think these coloring pages activities quite useful.


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