Princess Snow White Coloring Pages

snow white coloring page

Do you know the story behind this princess coloring pages? Or maybe you wanna hear the most telling story about this snow white? I wanna share it to you:

Princess Snow White is a princess who is very beautiful. So beautiful, so she became the pride of the people of the land of white clouds. His Majesty the king and queen very much hope, one day the princess will get a handsome prince and princess equivalent.Princess Snow White had never thought to marry. She is very happy living at home with parents and the people who loved her.

One day, there was a prince the King of the breeze land. Prince was very handsome and intelligent, after seeing Princess Snow White; he intends to marry her. The king and queen agreed immediately. Princess Snow White sadly accepts because she did not want to fight the parents.

”Well, if Princess Snow White was willing. This month we get married." Said the Prince with cheerful hearts. Princess of snow was very surprised to hear that the wedding plans so quickly.
”I do not want to get married this month," said Princess Snow White. “
”Why, the sooner the better. I still have to do many things for the country and my people" the prince said with a huff.
"It's still winter, lots of frozen trees, flowers blooming yet, just wait for next month, and flower buds have not started blooming. I want in my wedding decorated with fragrant flowers, chirping birds, all become more beautiful.” clear Princess Snow White,
”No way!! My job is stacking. I persist this month!” Prince said firmly.

Prince immediately returned to the land of wind, Princess Snow White is very sad and cry. Her father entertaining, he promised to pick flowers in the garden palace and will bring the entire collection of birds at the palace.

A week later the wedding day arrived. Prince was ready to dress. Accompanied by the palace guards and the proud lords. They brought many gifts to prospective brides. Jewelry, clothing, silk, shoes, all very beautiful and expensive.

But for Princess Snow White, it was a dark day. There were no fragrant flowers, chirping birds, and leaves. The air was so cold body.

”Are you really loving me?” whispered Princess Snow White in the middle of a party crowd.
“Sure, but do not expect you spoiled, if later arrived at the palace, people want a wise queen. Not spoiled and whiny.” Said the Prince.

Princess Snow was surprised to hear the answer. Prince was so cold, Princess Snow White is very sad. During the wedding ceremony held disappointment Princess Snow.

“Now we're married, get packing. We must get to the land of wind, a lot of my task to finish.” said the prince,
Princess Snow White looked at him, and she hoped the prince could understand her.
“Flowers are very beautiful; can I take or put in our carriage?” Princess Snow White pleaded.
“Flowers will only pollute the train. We're leaving now.” prince replied.

Before she left her parents and her court, she walked into the rooms’ palace that will soon leave. Many childhood memories came to her eyes. Sad tears drip.

When she mounted the prince carriage, amazing event happened. The ladies ran out of the palace and went to Princess Snow.
“Lady doesn’t go!” said a lady. “See many fleecy clouds fall from the sky like a butterfly.”

Everything looks beautiful and amazing. Prince and his bodyguard were stunned amazed to see what happened.

Not sure what causes these white lumps. However, many suspects, the mass are the symbol of Princess Snow sadness. Start from that day all the people call the white clouds of the sky with a snow.

princess coloring pages

The above story is about snow white, and now is the time to download the princess coloring pages and than you must print it on a white paper before you color it.

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