Free Pumpkin Coloring Pages

pumpkin coloring pages

Halloween party is identical with the carved pumpkin decorations such as the face and filled with lamps or candles in it, like the above pumpkin coloring pages. Pumpkin is known as the Jack o'Lantern. In the United States, Jack o'Lantern often placed at the entrance to the house after dark. So did you know why Halloween is synonymous with Jack o'Lantern?

It is said, a thief and swindler named Jack chased by the villagers for stealing their belongings. In the flight, he met with the devil that will take his life. Faced with this, he quickly offered the devil to deceive the villagers and make a commotion among them. The devil also asked to turn him into silver money will be used to pay for the goods he had stolen. After that, he can change himself back so that the villagers lost their silver and lead them to accuse each other and cause noise.

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The devil was agreed Jack, transformed himself into silver and into Jack's wallet. He does not know is, he has kept the silver cross that could cause the devil to lose its power to change. In all the myths about o'Lantern Jack, Jack agreed to free only if the devil promised not to take his soul.

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After Jack died, because heaven does not accept it, he went up to hell. But the hell’s devil guards can not accept it because it has promised not to take Jack's soul. Finally… the devil gave him a small fire of hell will never go out. The fire was stored by Jack in holes in the pumpkin which he used as a lantern to light his way. He carried the pumpkin lanterns and traveling the world of living human being until he gets the final resting place.

pumpkin coloring picture

Whatever, the most important thing is, we must download this Pumpkin coloring pages and than we must make the lantern alive.

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