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Home-made card balls are attractive and so simple to make. They can be made to any size. Small ones for the Christmas tree or Large ones to decorate a room, they make great alternative to balloons. You can imagine thrifty Victorians making these card balls to decorate their house at Christmas time.

To begin with you will need a triangle and a circle card board template. You can make these from an old cereal box. The triangle needs to be an equilateral triangle.]

You will need cardboard, a pair of compass and a ruler to make your triangle. First draw a straight horizontal line to form the base of the triangle. Open the compass so that the point and the pencil ate the same distance apart as the length of the ruled line. To make the circle template, use the compass to draw a circle a few larger than the than the triangle.

Now using thin coloured card or old Christmas cards, you need to draw and cut out 20 circles using your template so that they are all the same size. You could use the same coloured card, and then paint the ball once it is complete. You could make a photo ball using photos of all the family stuck to pieces of cardboard.

Personalized Christmas Ornaments

Personalized Christmas Ornaments are a wonderful way to record memories of life's events and activities and a thoughtful way to show how much  beautiful Christmas tree decorations, but unique keepsake gifts that capture a snapshot in time of precious memories and the events of ones life. Perhaps struggled to find the perfect gift for someone or run out of ideas of what to get

a variety of different themes, such as sports, hobbies, weddings, graduations, engagements, expecting mothers, birthdays, birth of baby, other special occasions. gift giving tradition of the holiday season from giving expensive gifts to giving gifts that have special meaning attached to them. Christmas ornaments as gifts for their loved ones especially family members to hang on their own trees.
Personalized Christmas Ornaments 2011

Personalized Christmas ornaments hold real value when it is given with sincerity and an open heart. effort and care given to the making of the personalized Christmas ornaments will be obvious to the recipient. 

Christmas Stocking

Christmas Yard Decorations

People in different parts of the wait eagerly for Christmas and the preparations that go along with this special occasion. Christmas brings joy and happiness to all. You might be surprised to learn that in some homes, Christmas decorations stay up year-round to be a reminder of the festive spirit of Christmas all through the

Preparations for Christmas are done mainly during the month of December. This task may make the month a bit stressful as so many activities are to be done during this time but people happily take this in their stride. Everyone is in a holiday mood and wants their home to look its best and communicate the festive spirit to others.

Bows can create a magical atmosphere. Bunches of brightly colored bows brings merriment at any time, but especially at Christmas. bows and ribbons wherever you like - stair railings, the back of chairs, around candlesticks use the same traditional colors of green and red but try to harmonize the color scheme with the interior design of your home. 

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Christmas Wreath

Christmas wreaths are considered an age-old Christmas custom that is used to adorn the outside of the house, usually on the front door, to welcome with a festive greeting.

Preparing the needed materials
To create a Christmas wreath you will need a wreath ring, a florist wire which can be bought from your local florist and some plants.interesting plants around the local park, on the countryside, or even in your own garden. Gather some evergreens, ivy, green and silvery grey leaves, and conifers.

In addition look out for some holly or other undergrowth that bear berries or berry-like fruits. Berries add color and elegance to the wreath. Look for some dried seedpods like poppies. 

Making the wreath

together pieces of shrubs to the wreath ring, you need to cut a piece of wire and bind it around the lower end of the shrubs, then twist the wire around the wreath ring with one more piece of wire.  the same process until you reach an inch or two down the stem.At the first encircling of the wreath, the shrubs will fall off a little bit, but the more shrubs you put on, the more it will become steady. 

 come across later on, that  actually make rounds appear following a direction. This happens  the stems lay on the same direction. Wreaths look finest if a round pattern follows the similar direction. However, the two rings on the wreath ring don't essentially have to go in the 

Christmas Decorating Ideas

Glass Christmas Ornaments

 original idea that Christmas ornaments were hung on the trees to mollify the goods and to ask for favour from them was swamped by the marketing industry; prior to the introduction of Christianity, Christmas ornaments primarily consisted of fruits, flowers and other colorful items hung on the tree.Familiar Christmas Ornaments

Germanic countries the Christmas tree has been decorated with ornaments for hundreds of years. practice was popularized in Britain by Prince Albert victoria ’s husband during the middle part of the nineteenth century. During the 19th century Christmas ornaments would consist of hand carved Christian icons, 

such as angels. Before the introduction of the now ever present twinkling fairy lights, Christmas trees were decorated with a special and now rarely seen Christmas ornament baubles; just as fruits and biscuits have become chocolates and sugared candies.

Xmas Decorations

Christmas Xmas Decorations  time to get those old boxes down from the attic or up from the basement and check  left from past Christmas still in working order. search box of Christmas decorations find that some of them perhaps should not have been kept so long and others will bring a nice warm feeling on remembrance of previous Christmas celebrations.

Before or after the Xmas tree, you will need plenty of decorations to have on hand for that special decoration time. Starting early is great advice so that you can ensure you have working lights, adequate ornaments and plenty of tinsel.

family we would generally have a living Christmas tree. We would search for a tree that was a little small for our house and we would do this with the intention of having it for the following year as well and perhaps the next if it didn’t out grow our house.

Approaches to the decoration of your Xmas tree, and there are no hard and fast rules.  family may not be suitable for others but there are a number of items that can be used.  mentioned tinsel and Christmas lights but the range of decorations in the way of ornaments is extreme.

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