Birthday Coloring Pages

Birthday's are a wonderful reason to celebrate! You can celebrate your existence, your birth, and your life! It is a day when you can pamper yourself and treat yourself to some things that you usually don't. Eat some high calorie cake! Do a little less work and have some more fun. Spend time with some friends, watch a great movie. Whatever you would enjoy the most, go ahead and do it because this is your special day!

So today I'm bringing you birthday coloring pages. You can use these to print out your own birthday party invitations if you want, because you can print out black and white homemade invitations. Or you can just give your kids something fun to color so they can have some fun on their birthday, or in the days leading up to it.

Birthday coloring pages of Tigger eating a big birthday cake
Happy Birthday balloons coloring pages
Happy Birthday coloring pages with candle and balloon designs
Happy Birthday coloring pages of cake and party hat
Birthday coloring pages showing two kids with a cake and desserts
Birthday coloring sheet of Winnie The Pooh with cake and candle
Baby's happy birthday coloring pages with cake
Baby Mickey Mouse celebrating birthday coloring pages

I hope you like the birthday coloring pages up above and that they are useful to you. Be sure to bookmark this site and check back often for updates and new coloring sheets on various themes.

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