Christmas Tree Skirt

Christmas Tree Skirt matter of taste. Some people have beautifully decorated trees that are a Hodgepodge of ornaments, themes, colors and mementos collected over .

first Christmas any ornaments or mementos to add to it yet then start simple. Pick a theme like Snowman Christmas Ornaments and choose a few and add one or two colors of Glass Christmas Ornaments Balls to compliment the selection.

After the lights are turned on, stand a few feet away from the tree and squint. You will see where all the large holes are.

Next you add any Garlands you might like. These can be the traditional Popcorn Garland, Cranberry Garland, Candy Garland, Gingerbread Garland.

Christmas Tree Skirt Green Garland first. Start at the top of the tree and work way down draping it in small curves that increase gradually as you move down the tree.

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