Angel Christmas Tree

Angel Christmas Tree Germans used to put their tree up on Christmas Eve and take it down on 1st January, once the New Year celebrations were over. However, modern commercialism dictates that a lot of trees now go up as early as the first or second week in December.

 Christmas tree certainly has its roots in Pagan traditions. Norse pagans and Celtic Druids worshipped evergreens as manifestations of deity because they were eternal and did not die, but stayed green when all other trees and plants in nature were dead and bare in winter.

Scandinavian Pagans were thought to have started the trend of bringing decorated trees indoors in order to attract the native fairy folk and tree elementals into their homes to join in the celebrations. 

fashion soon caught on and the Christmas tree became one of the main symbols of English Victorian Christmas.  Prince Albert used to distribute large quantities of Christmas trees to schools and army barracks for the festive season.


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