Christmas Tree Lights

Christmas Tree Lights fitting, perhaps, that along with the magic of Santa Claus at Christmas, holiday and Christmas lights also came about through the work of a wizard Wizard of Menlo Park in New Jersey as Thomas Edison was called.

It was Edison who first developed and demonstrated an incandescent electric light bulb in 1879 that had commercial potential, an event that led the way for the mass use of electricity and lights on Christmas tree as used today.

Before the discovery and use of electricity, candles were used to light Christmas trees. practice evolved into having glass covers with candles inside them or metal lanterns that had small wicks.any years before the large-scale manufacture of Christmas tree lights were available commercially.

It is said that the idea of Christmas lights came from one of Edison's assistants, Edward Johnson. In 1882, Johnson had Christmas tree bulbs made especially for him. electric bulbs on his Christmas tree at his home on Fifth Avenue in New York  drew widespread attention. But Christmas tree lights underwent many changes and improvement before General Electric Co. introduced Christmas lights on a commercial scale.

Decorative mini-lights to be used for Christmas tree lighting were introduced in the 1970s. Since then, they have continued to be popular and are the dominant types of Christmas tree lights in the marketplace.  scenes.


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