Christmas Tree Star

Christmas Tree Star peg art stars can make a modern looking display. stars are simply made from pegs and can be painted in any colour to fix in with your Christmas decoration theme.Christmas Tree Star are just for support and will be fine to return to the game afterwards.

start with you need to dismantle the clothes pegs and remove the springs. find this is easy to do, just twist the peg ends in opposite directions.Glue your peg halves backs together so that the flat sides are back to back. up with a round bulbous end and a thin tapered end. Leave the pegs to dry.

The star centre piece. the pegs on their side sop that you can see the glued joining line, stick 6 pegs together at their round end. Each peg needs to be lined up in a straight line with the peg opposite it. A small hole will naturally form at the centre of the pegs as you align them. Leave the centre piece to dry.

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