Christmas Stocking

Christmas Stocking for kids and for women tradition of the Christmas stocking seems to have originated in around the third century and involves the Bishop of Myra who became known as Saint Nicholas. this information came to the attention of Nicholas the Bishop of Myra, so late one night he went to the man’s cottage took out three small bags of gold and carefully tossed them through the open window into the stockings.

next morning as the daughters were gathering their clothes they found the bags of gold, now they had money for a dowr place in hopes that Saint Nicholas would leave them something as well.

 little further north in Holland, children used to set out their wooden clogs with straw in them, Father Christmas would feed the straw to his reindeer and leave a treat or small gift in the clog for the child. Italian children had a similar tradition of leaving their shoes out by the door so that Papa Noel would leave a little treat or something in them. 


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