Naruto Manga Coloring Pages

manga coloring pages

"Drawing a manga coloring pages is not a difficult lesson as Mathematics or Physics, Drawing manga is the art which can be studied with easy, if you know the way! OK we start now"

  1. The first step began looking for a comic book reference to be drawn, for example: draw existing images easier than to create their image.

  2. Before we start drawing pictures prepared of equipment such blank paper, pencils and erasers. Well .. when everything is ready lets begin.

  3. Draw the face of your favorite comic book characters does it slowly. I recommend that draw easy comic pictures like Doraemon or Sincan.

  4. Draw slowly ... and do not have to worry if the picture is not similar to the comic, we just star learning to draw now.

  5. Try drawing faces in each comic until finish. Draw a comic character's face repeatedly so that similar to the comic.

  6. Then drawing a comic character without having to look at a comic book. The resulting image may not resemble the original, but most of you already know the special features on the comic image.

  7. Draw the face of these figures in different positions, such as a picture from the side or front. Do this over and over again, and then drawing a comic character without having to look at a comic book.

  8. For the record, do not always move to draw another comic character, because it will ruin your concentration in drawing.

  9. If you are able to draw a face without having to look at a comic book. Next try to change the comic facial expressions, such as facial expression images like angry, sad or happy.

  10. Follow the step by step points are above.

If you want this character be a coloring page, so you do not need to colored it. But, if you want a full character, you must coloring your work carefully.


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