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My personal experience of Christmas is like heaven on earth, A spiritual Christmas advent in my heart.

The mighty God loved this world that he sent "Jesus" his only Son on earth, that whosoever believes in God may never be destroyed but have eternal life.”

Christmas is not simply a world holiday, but its real and spiritual meaning is far graceful. It is a deeply joyious time for every Christian. Being a “Christian” is not about just about enjoying a holiday with fun and patrty or trying to live a good life or going to church for prayer But is the time know ourself in spiritual and devotional manner. These are certainly worthy endeavors, yet can be pursued without any Precisely defined spiritual connection to Lord Jesus Christ. The humanity is the mother of religion, culture and traditions, Being a “Christ-ian” means following Jesus and Be te real disciple of him and knowing who He is and what He means to you. If you haven’t done this, take a few minutes to experience the way of spiritualism and consider steps to Peace With God and follow the instructions of Jesus Christ, which is for all of us - especially you my dear!

These below lines will clearly explain, how you can know a personally about the Christmas spiritual significance of Jesus' birth.

* Would You Like To Know God Personally?
* The Four Spiritual Laws
* Are You A Good Person? (Flash presentation)
* You Are Someone Special (Flash presentation)
* Knowing God Personally (Flash presentation)
* Send the spiritual christmas cards with message of jesus to love all

As some of the people have difficulty reconciling their trust in human potential and scientific achievement with the claims of Christ and the Bible. If you are one of those people, take a few moment to consider Jesus, nature and the Intellectual or I Am A Skeptic.

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