Funny Fish Coloring Pages Collection 2010

One day a father and son were sitting chatting on the riverbank. The father said to his son, "Look at my son, the water is so important in this life, without water we will all die."

At the same time, a small fish to hear the conversation from the bottom surface of the water, small fish that suddenly nervous and wanted to know whether the water, which he said was so important in this life. The little fish swim upstream to downstream of the river as he asked each fish encountered, "Hey do you know where the water is? I have heard of human conversation that without the water of life will die. "

It turned out that all fish that have been asked not to know where the water was, the little fish getting confused, then he swam toward the spring to meet with older fish that have been experienced, the older fish was this little fish asked the same question, "Where's the water? "

Fish with a wise elderly man replied, "Do not agitated, my children, it has surrounding water, so you do not even notice her presence. It is true that, without water we will all die. "

What is the meaning of the story for us. Humans are sometimes experienced a similar situation such as small fish, looking to and fro about the life and happiness, when he was through, even happiness is being engulfed to the point that he himself did not realize it.



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