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Playing games is one activity that is very expensive. Gamers lot of wasting time, money and energy to their desires on this one. Try asking them to play Ragnarok Online, or DotA all star or whatever it is ...

Most of them even to abandon their work, school, relationships, and often their personal hygiene. Money not spent too little investment. There is to provide High Definition TV, the latest consoles, and many more. Feasible if all the money that was spent on these? There are reasons that encourage Gamers to do these things. These are those reasons ...

# 11: Childhood Dream
Every person has chosen a career while still a child. But over time many of the dream that started to happen. Many children who want to become a professional athlete, a super hero, secret agents, and renowned musicians. In the real world these expectations will not be achieved by people who incidentally mediocre. This is the reason that makes gaming very pleasing. If you want to be Joe Montana, Spider-Man, double agent, or a member of Black Sabbath there are games for you.
Example: Madden, Marvel Ultimate Alliance, X-Men Legends, Splinter Cell, Guitar Hero

# 10: No Need Tickets To go there
If you want to travel to the Mississippi River but did not have money, try looking into the store games that can take you there. Its the same thing if you want to travel during the Nazi era in 1940 at war. Many of us who do not have a chance to go to the moon, but never explored parts of the world that we know exist.
Example: Call of Duty, Bioshock, World of Warcraft, Oblivion, Star Wars

# 9: Your Rival Is Losers
What is the equation of the Red Sox / Yankees, Ali / Frazier, Coke / Pepsi, ACMilan / Intermilan? They are a huge feud. One of the most amusing thing in life is to bow your opponent, make them a loser.
Example: Sports Games, Winning Eleven, Mortal Kombat, Halo, Gears of War, and anything with a multi-player.

# 8: Game Time Can not Be Separated
No matter how many games have been played, you will have a unique feeling that will not be lost. This differs from one person to another person. Try again you open your old games collection and search and play Super Mario Brothers. Mario Kart is an example of another game that will never run out of time consumed.
Example: Super Mario Brothers, Pac Man, Mario Kart, Halo

# 7: "Eureka" Moment
We've all experienced it. You're playing an RPG game and you have a stalemate. Everything has been checked many times and you do not find a solution to the problem. You think that there is a "glitch" in the game. You call your friends and all of a sudden you say "Oh yes, that one has not seen".

The satisfaction you get by crossing such barriers can not be found in the real world. Moment of "Eureka" is what makes gamers to play games they already passed. A feeling satisfied because they feel they have been through something that was considered unreasonable to pass. C
example: The Legend of Zelda, the God of War, and many other RPG games.

# 6: It's Fun To Be Evil
Very few people want to be evil. In practical terms, every human being has a social system in their brains that limit excessive actions. The criminals who are holding in custody know from consequences of their actions. Nothing justifies those who violate the law. In the world of video games, become a criminal, does not mean you are bad people. And it felt very amusing.
Example: Grand Theft Auto, Knights of the Old Republic, Bioshock, Destroy All Humans

# 5: Make Your Truth
You do not possess the money, you're not good at sports. But you certainly want a woman glanced at you and say Canti you attractive. Or at least you want to have feelings of being on the top.

You have it, by becoming a top 20 on Halo 3 Leaderboard. People generally will not care, but for those of you, you are a superstar in the gaming community.
Example: any game that gives the experience of playing in multi-player and accumulated statistics.

# 4: Saving the World
City / State / planet where you live are in great danger. A leader who is preparing a grand plan to win it will soon lose. A superhero is needed here, this hero will lead a mission for a counterattack.

Themes like this are very much video game. But how many times you feels, this looks like a new feeling and amusing. Potential of oppression and extermination summoned the heroes to do something big.
Example: Gears of War, Final Fantasy, Halo, Metal Gear Solid, Oblivion, Mario Bros.., The Legend of Zelda

# 3: Only the Chosen Who Can Survive
The madness of the Gears of War, Legendary in Halo, God Mode in God of War, and Expert in Guitar Hero. They have been instilled in every individual to become better than the average gamer. These games are made very difficult, so when you can pass you will have a tremendous feeling.

Every person in the past each made their own limitations. Try to finish the game Resident Evil by simply carrying a knife. Or past Splinter Cell game without killing one person-one.

# 2: staying up all night
Usually this happens to students who have exams the next day and had to learn the material in one night. Wait until he became a gamer. From there it will shift term. Playing gaming can be very drunk so you can completely lost in the game. You can play your game and aware of time without showing at 5 am today, you have to go to school at 7.

# 1: The Fun Never Stops
Time off school is a very amusing for gamers. Many games can be played during the holidays. Every villain you defeat will take you to the next adventure, and so on. Game maker never run out of your mind to suck into their world.
Example: Assassin's Creed, Mass Effect, Call of Duty 4, Super Mario Galaxy, Metal Gear Solid 4, Grand Theft Auto IV

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