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Pirates origin itself began there in the 17th century. However, according to ancient history, pirates have existed since the 3rd century, namely the emergence of origin Pirates Ancient Rome and Ancient Greece (ever heard the name of The Vikings, The Sea People and The Saxon ...? So remember the movie Pathfinder, right!)

At that time, the state of the vessel and all equipment is still adequate yet. Why are the Pirates that like to steal and rob many crops and also other ships that passed when it was sailing? That they do because visits with a worrisome condition at that time.

They are very difficult to get food, and it also makes them come alive and choose to live free from seizing the rights of people and other boats. Also supported by the absence of law applicable in the case of the cruise, so they did not hesitate to kill, torture and even massacred the entire crew of another ship in addition to seizing all the goods and their possessions.


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