Signs A Guy Likes You

 Most guys if not all men are generally a proud lot and will not easily admit to liking or being in love with a woman they are dating. Question is, how then can you tell if your man feels the same way you do?
Well, try judging by the way he treats you when in the company of his closest friends. When a guy is deeply in love with you, he will tell his closest friends.
Guys generally find it much easier admitting their love for a woman to a close friend than in telling the woman they are in love with. He's most likely in love with you if he lets you meet some of his close friends. If his guy friends treat you with respect, do not seem to alienate you during conversations even in his absence, it is probably a sign he told them how he truly feels about you.
Nothing in this world will stop a guy in love from treating his lady like a queen when in the company of his friends. Judging by the general reactions and comments of some of his closest friends, you will know if your man shares the same love you have for him.
If a guy likes you, he will definitely call you when he asks for and you give him your phone number. Don't worry if he doesn't call you the same day, as he probably does not want to appear to be too desperate.
If he truly felt something for you, it will not take long for him to call you and ask how you are doing, and even ask you out on a date.
Do you sometimes catch him unawares staring at you when in a social or public place? Well, it is probably signs of the guy's interest in you.
If it is the first time you are meeting the guy and he likes you, he will most likely find an ingenious way to approach you and introduce himself. If by any unlikely chance he doesn't end up asking for your phone number, chances are he may be shy.
Don't worry, if he likes you and you somehow feel attracted to him, nothing will stop the guy from tracking you down. This you can tell judging by what he asks you like say 'are you from around here?'
When your man is in love with you, he may admit and tell you openly how he truly feels. If he doesn't do that and you are wondering or even doubting his love, chances are, he most probably told you he loves you and you missed it during a conversation or an argument you recently had with him. Always try to listen closely to what he tells you and mince his words carefully.
Reason most guys find it hard to openly admit their love or state how they truly feel towards a woman they are dating is due to fear of rejection.
If you like a guy and are in a steady relationship with him, it is in the best interest of the both of you, for you to constantly reassure him of your true love and affection.
Constantly flirting with other guys in his presence may hurt his man ego and limit his trust towards you. Make your guy feel he's the only one for you and that your relationship with him is equally important to you. Do that and he will reciprocate and tell you how he truly feels about you and even say I love you.
If you meet a guy you like and feel courageous enough to want to approach and seduce him, stop! A guy will most likely warm up to your advances but in the back of the guy's mind, he will most likely end up dismissing you as being either too desperate or loose, and not his type of woman to date, even though he may have felt something for you too.
Though it is not bad to let a guy know you like and want him. Just lead him to believing he's the one chasing after your love. No matter whether he's a Leo, Scorpio, Virgo, Taurus, Libra, Sagittarius, Gemini, Aquarius, Aries, Pisces, Cancer, or a Capricorn, guys have a natural tendency to be the hunter and not the prey. If you lure him into seducing you, chances are you will most likely end up winning over his heart and love just like you desired.
Watch how you dress in public places especially when you are intent on getting a date with a guy, and hope for a lasting relationship. Most men will easily give in to a date with a skimpily dressed woman just to have fun with her then dump her later.
Publicly displaying too much of your body assets will only make you end up with guys genuinely not interested in how you feel, but who's only interest in you, is in the way you look.
If you seek a long-term relationship with a guy you really like, dress well while in a social or public place.
If a guy tells you that he likes or loves you, it will be in your best interest to believe him. Doubting your guy or even making him feel like you are not good enough for him, will go along way in alienating him from you than in strengthening your relationship bond. The reason he's with you and not another woman is because he likes and loves you.
Finally, if a guy tells you he likes you but you don't feel the same way he does, it is best you tell him. A guy will take it as a challenge to continue chasing after a woman or girl they like even if she does not like him and gives him a hard time, hoping she will one day reciprocate and admit to liking or even loving him too.
You can not force any good man to love you. If you are looking for your Mr. right, he may just be the guy you just met or are currently seeing. Show or teach the man how you want to be loved and you will discover true love.

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