Inspirational Quotes To Guide You

Inspirational Quotes To Guide You Inspirational Quotes To Guide You

Sometimes life is great. Everything seems to be going right and you can do no wrong. Other times, you can't imagine having any worse luck. Regardless of what point you are at between those two extremes, it is always encouraging and also grounding to recall the words of those who came before us. Let these quotes inspire and uplift you on your bad days, and keep you grounded on your better days.

First is the quote from Leo Buscaglia who says you shouldn't "spend time asking why isn't the world a better place". He say's this is only a waste of time, because there is no answer.

Their really is no answer to that first question Leo asks, and yet we tend to get caught up on it. Why aren't things like this, or I wish they were like that. Think of all that we could accomplish if we ignored those thoughts and actively set about to change the world.

Next is a quote from Buddha. "You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection."


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