Christian Christmas Story

The Christian Christmas Story

The holy word of Christmas is the discovered comes from the early English dictionary phrase the Cristes Maesse which means Mass of Christ the people of jesus. Over 2000 years ago the origin of Christians people belives that lord Jesus Christ is the holy Son of God was born in a manger in Bethlehem.

The Xmas story define the Christmas further have faith in Jesus who become the Lord Savior and every winter they celebrate the god's birth with Christmas celebrations. Discover the real religious meaning of Christmas by learning about the birth of Christ.

The popular Christian Christmas Story are as follow:
  • Christmas Story (Gr. K-12)
  • A Christmas Story Webquest (Gr. K-12)
  • Christmas Symbols and Traditions (Gr. K-12)
  • Modern Day Journey (Gr. K-12)
  • Matthew and/or Luke (Gr. K-12)
  • Bethlehem Bound (Gr. K-12)
  • The Star of Bethlehem (Gr. K-12)
  • Christmas Poetry (Gr. K-12)


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