Christmas Tradition - Origin of Santa, Christmas Custom

Christmas tradition - Origin of Santa, Christmas Custom

Several things have become part of the Christmas Tradition and their countries of origin. The history of Christmas an the story of Christmas are interlinked. The spirit of Christmas causes people to decorate their homes and churches, cut down trees and bring them into their homes for that very festive night. The roots, traditions and controversies of this Christian holiday depends on the Biblical records. But one question always arise in mind that where did Christmas originate and what about the origin of Christmas? Is is starts from the Bible or paganism? So Know about the real origin of Christmas Santa Claus—mistletoe—Christmas trees—holly wreaths—jingle bell- and the custom of gift exchange in Christmas party. When the Christmas holiday season came around he abandoned his regular presentation and gave a lecture About Origin of Christmas.

History and ancient tradition of Christmas makes us familiar with the various myths, legends and stories associated with the birth of Christ. The Twelve Days of Christmas" became popular at the "12th-night parties" that took place in the Christmas season. For more information about the custom of Christmas surf our web pages and know where and when was Christmas first celebrated, and when did the legend of St. Nicholas first arise? Traditions and origins of the December holiday for Christmas carnivals become popular. This section takes you back in time and gives you an insight into the Origin of Christmas. From how the holiday came into being to deciding a date for Christmas festival celebration. This blog is all about history, tradition and Christmas customs. So decide what you want is Christmas story a myth or truth?

The famous tradtion of Xmas are as follows:

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