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End of the long vacation was over. Now is the time your child should go back to school routine. This is certainly not easy. After a few days they enjoyed the holiday weekend even without a load, now your baby should be facing a lesson and the tasks of course more difficult.

Anxiety was certainly present in the child facing the school routine again. Therefore, we encourage you to help him prepare to welcome back to school time.

Completes homework
Usually during the holidays, children got work to do during the holidays. Approaching the time of admission to school, make sure your child has completed his duties. It would be better if the child has completed the task ahead. If not, the panic will arise that make children more reluctant to go to school.

Prepare the new equipment
One of the things that make children return to school is the spirit of the new school equipment. Let your children choose their own exercise books and stationery with cute characters that they love. It will make their enthusiasm for learning and also a means to socialize with friends. It would be more fun if you teach children to make trinkets own school equipment. For example where the pencil own creations. Objects of the craft will make children more proud.

Sleep Patterns
During the holidays, the child does not irregular sleep patterns. If the school season, they were used up in the morning, at their vacation more free time sleeping late. While the night, they went to bed that night. In order for the child back to sleep patterns at the school, a few days before the holiday ends, familiarise the child to sleep and wake schedule, such as during school. So that when the school has already started, children were ready with a long pattern.

Pleasant social environment at school can make children excited about returning to school. If your child shows signs of spirit can not go to school, remind him of his friends at school. If the child's social relationships with school friends is good enough, there will be a sense of longing to see his friends were. Especially after the long holidays, the children have saved a lot of experience to tell on his friends.

School supplies
Prepare a school lunch also interesting for the little guy. Take him to help develop ideas and prepare their own school. Thus, there will be a sense of pride in the results of home made stock.



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