Is Jesus a refugee? Life of Jesus Christ, True Story About Jesus

As per the story of The Jesus Birth, The origin of Christmas is associated with this mythological story. The Herod was a cruel king of the kingdom and he heard about the miracle and popularity of the baby Jesus, saw Him as a threat so he have sent his soldiers to kill Jesus. But the God told Joseph in a dream to take away the Mary and the baby Jesus from that kingdom, So they escape to Egypt. They spend there life till King Herod died and after that the came back to live in Nazareth.

There is nothing more known about the life of Jesus, except for one story when he was 12, until He reached 30 year of age. By the way - note one important thing: Jesus was not a white European, and Christianity is not a Western religion.

As we see the Christmas greeting cards from various countries often show Jesus, Mary, and Joseph in the landscape of that country, and with the racial appearance of that nationality, be it Indian, black African, or Japanese. This is good and right - Jesus was a common man and came to identify with every racial group. He is "Everyman" for us all and called as Christ which became a central figure of Christianity.


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