Kindergarten Coloring Pages 2010 Collection


What is needed if you want to learn to paint. Which need to be prepared are:
  1. Paper
  2. Crayon
Crayon will determine whether a picture is good, other than the child's own abilities of course. Crayons are nice and perfect for coloring contest called "Carandache". Made in Switzerland.

Crayons are various types, for beginners just use NeoColor I, to fill 30, it costs around 20 dollars. For continued and additional colors can be used for NeoColor II. If the likes pastels, can wear NeoPastel. If you like the color of the shiny, can buy additional warna2 longer shiny (silver, gold, etc.).

Results pictures with crayons Carandache (karandash) is far more subtle than any other brand of crayons, but some say the character so blurred so too smooth. According to some teachers drawing, engineering drawing with crayons are now often taught to beginners level (children) often violates the crayon characters that are not intended to highlight the subtleties of color gradation.

Consequently, although the picture result is good, but not so prominent characters. If you want to use crayons to do this race are guaranteed a much better outcome than other brands, but if you want more properly conditioned fair wear the same brand of crayons.


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