Cookie Monster Coloring Book Pages

When I was a kid I loved Sesame Street, and I especially loved Cookie Monster! I could relate to Cookie Monster because I loved cookies (of course!) and also because he was a bit wild and crazy (like me as a child).

Today I still love cookies, and Cookie Monster! My daughter has a cookie monster doll, and sometimes when she's at school I borrow her Cookie Monster and put it next to my computer as I work! \(^o^)/

Here are some Cookie Monster coloring book pages for your kids to enjoy colouring with markers or crayons.

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cookie monster coloring book page with 10 muffins for you!

Cookie Monster coloring book sheet with 17 cookies to eat! YUM!

C is for COOKIE! In this Cookie Monster coloring book printable CM is eating a big CAKE not a cookie.

Cookie Monster coloring book page of him eating a chocolate chip cookie.

C is for COOKING! Cookie monster coloring book page of him cooking in the kitchen.

Cookie monster copy and color cookie! Coloring book printable sheet.

I hope you and your kids enjoyed these cookie monster coloring book printables. Be sure to check back for new coloring pages, because I add new collections often. See you next time!

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