Free Superman Coloring Sheets

Superman coloring pages for free. This is Action Comics #1, Superman's first appearance.
Superman is of course one of the most famous superheroes and comic book characters in history. Perhaps THE MOST famous. Superman first appeared in a comic book called Action Comics #1 (the first issue in that series) in 1938, a full 70 years ago. Today, that comic book in near-mint condition is valued at around $1,380,000 US. Of course near-mint condition copies are extremely rare after 70 years, hence the extremely high price. I have personally held a copy of Action Comics #1 in my hands, though it was in only poor condition and would probably only fetch around $10,000.

I loved Superman comics when I was a kid, and of course I loved Christopher Reeve's movie portrayal of Superman.

Here are some free Superman coloring pages to bring back memories and keep the legacy alive for your kids!

Superman coloring sheets of Clark Kent stripping off his suit.

Superman free coloring pages of S emblem.

Coloring Pages of Superman with Batman and Spiderman.

Superman Coloring sheets showing him jumping in the air to fly.

Wonder Woman with Superman coloring seets to print for kids.

Superman free coloring pages of him smashing Lex Luther's table.

Coloring pages of Superman fighting off a fleet of airplanes attacking him.

Cool Superman coloring sheets of him soaring through the air faster than a speeding bullet!

Superman free coloring pages of him posing and showing his muscles.

Coloring pages of Superman landing near the Daily Planet office.

Superman coloring sheets of him flying Superhero atop the skyscrapers.

Superman free coloring pages of Superman flying in the night sky.

I hope you found these free Superman coloring sheets useful and enjoyable. Superman is a great role model and example of contribution to the world. Kids can look up to him and learn to serve their community and world.

Be sure to check back often for new coloring pages of Superman and other various theme characters. See you next time!

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