Printable Alligator Coloring Page

Did you know that the word "alligator" comes from the Spanish term "el legarto", which means "The lizard"? It's true! Alligators, similarly to Komodo dragons, are thought to have been living on earth for 200 million years, since the age of the reptiles (ie. dinosaurs!).

Alligators are native to two countries: the United States (in the south) and in China (in the Yangtze River). American alligators are on average 4 meters (13 feet) long, and weigh 360 kg (800 pounds). Chinese alligators are smaller, averaging under 2 meters long (7 feet). But the Chinese alligator is dangerously near extinction with only a few dozen remaining, so pretty soon their average length might be ZERO meters!

Here you can find a printable alligator coloring page for your kids or students to enjoy decorating. I remember the alligator coloring books I used to color when I was a kid and they were lots of fun and made me more fascinated by these amazing reptiles!

Scary Alligator coloring books images for kids to print out.

Realistic-looking alligator coloring page files for kids to download, print, and scribble all up with crayons!!

Educational color-by-number alligator coloring sheets for parents to print for their kids.

Alligator coloring books' pages to print and color with markers and crayons. Maybe pastels too.

The alligator is the official animal of the state of Florida. We can teach kids to love their state's animal with this printable alligator coloring page.

In this printable alligator coloring page the gator just gobbled up a man and stole his hat!!

A is for Alligator coloring page with printable alphabet sheet.

Alligator coloring books' sheets for children to enjoy inking.

Another color-by-number printable alligator coloring page for your kids or students to print and paint/color.

Aalligator coloring sheets of gators waiting by the banks of the river for prey.

I hope you found these alligator coloring sheets useful! Be sure to check out the other coloring collections that I've posted. And check back again for future updates! See you next time!

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