Firecracker Coloring Picture

When I was a kid growing up in Canada, on certain holidays kids would always light firecrackers. Of course firecackers (as opposed to fireworks, which adults could purchse) were illegal, but were available on native indian reserves in the USA, so some people got a hold of them and sold them to other kids.

I used to love using firecrackers to blow up my old toys I no longer liked! And I used to light fireworks with my family in the backyard or at the beach. Of course kids should always be careful with firecrackers and fireworks and use them with their parents' supervision.

Here are some firecracker coloring picture printables for the kids to enjoy.

Uncle Sam holding firecracker coloring picture.

About to explode firecracker coloring picture for celebration.

Litten fuse fireworks and firecracker coloring pages for holiday fun.

Mouse getting ready for fireworks to go BANG in this firecracker coloring picture.

Gun powder barrel big firecracker coloring picture to print.

A variety of different firecracker coloring picture images.

A brick of firecracker coloring picture. These boomer fireworks explode and go BANG BOOM.

I hope you found a firecracker coloring picture you liked! Be sure to bookmark or subscribe to this feed so you can check back easily for more collections of colorin pictures. See you next time!

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