More Precious Moments Coloring Sheets

Ever since I posted a collection of Precious Moments coloring sheets several months ago, I have received a steady stream of requests for more Precious Moments printable sheets. From looking at my blog statistics, I can see that large numbers of people from literally all over the world download Precious Moments sheets from my previous blog entry every day. The positive message of these family-oriented images obviously has a powerful, far-reaching influence that is hard to call anything other than miraculous.

So here you have it, by popular demand, more Precious Moments coloring sheets. I hope they brighten up your day!

Coloring sheets Precious Moments baby character sitting on baby blocks.

Precious Moments coloring sheets of young girl smelling flower.

Girl, boy, and puppy with heart-shaped lollipops in these Precious Moments coloring sheets.

Angel watching over another angel amazing free coloring sheets Precious Moments.

Free precious Moments coloring sheets of young boy pushing a girl on the swings.

Young boy playing dressup in the attic with his puppy dog in these Precious Moments coloring sheets for kids to print and color.

I hope you found these free coloring sheets Precious Moments images pleasant and inspirational. If you haven't already, be sure to check my previous Precious Moments coloring pages blog post here. Thanks for visiting!

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