Patriotic Coloring Pages Printable

In school we teach reading, writing, and arithmetic, which are of course important. But the most important thing that schools teach is how to be a good citizen and contribute to the well-being of their own country. Teaching kids to be patriotic, to love their country and know it's greatness and history, is one of the most important missions of American schools.

Here are some free patriotic coloring pages, printable right from your computer. These are great for teachers to use in clas, or for parents to give their kids at home.

Patriotic coloring pages printable image of American flag and Eagle, a symbol of America's stength.

Coloring pictures patriotic images of the American flag and more.

Patriotic coloring pages of Independence Day marching band.

Patriotic coloring pages printable pics of the Whitehouse.

Patriotic coloring pages of the American Eagle and US flag.

Coloring pictures patriotic images of the Statue of Liberty and pro-American message.

Patriotic coloring pages printable sheets of Uncle Sam carrying the stars and stripes.

I hope you found these coloring pages patriotic images useful and entertaining. Be sure to check back often for more coloring page collections, which I post frequently. See you again soon!

Patriotic coloring sheets are good for teaching kids a love for their country.

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