Grinch Coloring Sheets

One of my favorite Dr. Seuss stories, and Christmas stories, is "How The Grinch Stole Christmas". It's a classic book and tv animation special, and more recently renewed by Jim Carrey in his updated portrayal of The Grinch. See the Grinch on tv brings back a lot of childhood memories for me.

Here are some free Grinch coloring sheets for you to print out and enjoy coloring!

Grinch coloring sheets of him riding in sleigh with his fake reindeer dog!

The Grinch coloring sheets of him with his dog standing on top of the mountain.

An easy Grinch maze coloring page for young kids to complete.

Grinch coloring sheets of the Grinch's house all locked up like he's a hermit.

Grinch sleigh zooming down a hill coloring sheets for free.

The spirit of Christmas! The Christmas tree in The Grinch coloring sheets for print and colour.

A picture of the face of the nasty GRINCH coloring sheets image.

Free grinch at the garbage can coloring sheet page for kids.

The GRINCH hates Christmas coloring sheets for children who love Dr. Seuss.

The sleigh of the Grinch coloring book sheets for free print out.

WHOVILLE, the town that needs to beware of the GRINCH. Coloring sheets from Dr.Seuss for free!

The Grinch stealing all the presents from Whoville in these free Christmas coloring pages.

The face of the Grinch coloring sheets pic for children to colour for free.

Grinch connect the dots coloring sheet for kids to complete.

Whoville welcomes Santa in this free Grinch coloring picture.

Everybody in Whoville is excited about Christmas!! Too bad about the Grinch! Coloring sheets for young kids to enjoy at Christmas time.

The Grinch gives back all of Whoville's presents! What a happy ending in this coloring book page.

Grouchy messy Grinch coloring sheets for free download, print out, and color.

Thanks for downloading these Grinch coloring sheets! We all love the Grinch, even though he can be such a SCROOGE! Bah humbug! But he becomes good (mostly) in the end, so we can all be his friend!

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