Beautiful Princess Coloring Pages

The free coloring pages this time tells about of a village girl who became the wife of a prince. Her name is Tiana, a woman who has the skills to heal people with herbs.

A girl who want to find love in her life. Starting from a meeting with a prince on the riverbank. The prince fell in love with the Lady Tiana, a charming village girl. The prince expressed his love for Tiana, but Tiana did not dare to accept love from the prince. Because Tiana think less of her.

Lady Tiana’s love can defeat the criminals who want to separate them. The prince was eventually married to Tiana. They govern the fairy tale land wisely, so that people can live in peace under their rule.

So, what we must do now?
Let us create Tiana’s smile expand. It's easy! Now your job is to print this Princess Tiana coloring pages in a white paper. Then prepare your drawings tool, and then scratched the color in this coloring pages.

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