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Before you see the collection of flowers coloring pages we have, for a moment let us know about flowers and their parts. It is important to know, because by knowing the part of flower, we can make our coloring works better. Here it is:

flower coloring pages

Flowers are modified stems and leaves. This modification caused by the production of enzymes stimulated by a number of specific fitohormon. Formation of tight flowers are genetically controlled and in many types of environmental changes induced by some, such as low temperature, long exposure, and the availability of water (see article Formation of flowers).

rose coloring pages

Flower is the perfect flower if you have the means of male (stamens) and female tool (stigmas) together in a single organ. Flowers are so-called transvestite or hermaphrodite flowers. An interest rate is said complete if it has all the main parts of flowers. Four main sections of interest (from the outside in) are as follows:

  1. Flower petals or calyx;

  2. The crown of flowers or a corolla is usually thin and can be colored to attract insects that help the process of pollination;

  3. Male genitals or androecium (from the Greek Andros oikia: man's house) in the form of the stamens;

  4. The female genitals or the gynoecium (from Greek gynaikos oikia: "woman's house") of the pistil.

flower coloring sheet

After you read this article, I hope you know more about flower and its part. So, its time to download flowers coloring pages in our blog. Please enjoy it!

flower coloring picture

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