Draw Optimus Prime Coloring Pages Step by Step

draw transformer

Step 1.
In this first complicated step you will be drawing the entire frame of Optimus Prime. Start by drawing the circle shape for his head which is small. draw in the facial guidelines as well. Now start drawing out the squared shoulders and shape them the way they are shown. After that draw out the shape of his big bulky right arm and shape it the way it is shown to you here. Now draw out the shape of his left arm than the shapes of his legs and feet.

Step 2.
In this next detailed step you will have to do start drawing out all detailed lines and shapes that make Optimus Prime what he is today. Start with the head and work your way down. Make sure that you detail this character exactly the way it shown to you here. Always start at the top work your way to his shoulders which is just a series of lines that go across his chest as you see here. Start detailing his thighs and lower legs along with his feet and arms.

Step 3.
The best way to continue sketching out the detailing to Optimus Prime is to enlarge the steps from here on out so you can see all the lining that needs to be done. Starting with the face sketch in the detailing lines that will eventually make up his eyes. It looks like he is wearing a mask if you look closely. Again after the face is drawn out you can them move onto sketching in more details on the shoulders and chest, than move onto the arms and draw out his left fist and his right hand. Detail his thigh and legs some more and move to the next step.

Step 4.
In this part you will be mainly working on sketching the right side of Optimus Prime. As you can tell since we didn't draw any shapes or guidelines you will have no need to erase any lines that are clearly visible. When ever you draw a detailed character or any detailed image for that matter, you almost always have to draw an outline of the objects frame. Do you know how hard it would be to erase all the shapes and guidelines to a sketch like this. After you have detailed the areas indicated here you can move to the next step.

Step 5.
This step just involves sketching in of more detailing areas of this popular Autobot. Detail the right upper shoulder and work your way down. you are almost done with your Transformer.

Step 6.
In this step, I'm going to teach you how to shade those rough hard darkened spots. This will make you image look more realistic and add some depth to those flat lines. So what we will do is first get out your smudge tool. You can find this tool on your palate. All Adobe Photoshops have this tool. Make sure you set the brush to a reasonable size to smudge your dark areas. After you found a suitable brush size for you taste, set the strength to 54 percent. This will give you more control of the brush. Its a strength mix of hard and light. Once you got this done, we will move onto the next step. ^_^

Step 7.
Now this step is going to show you the differences between a non-smudged area and a smudged area. You can see the difference between a without the smudge tool and the with smudge tool. As you can see without the smudge the lines are apart and rough. You can see visible whiteness. Now compared to the with smudge tool, you have no visible whiteness and a more creamy look to it. This is th power of using the smudge tool . :D

Step 8.
In this step I will tell you the key trick on shading and smudging. You must first and always define your L.I.G.H.T.S.O.U.R.E!!! This is very important to shading your image. You must always find the direction of your highlights and shades. Before you shade you always define this light source. After that start shading!
optimus prime coloring pages

Step 9.
This is what your completed Optimus Prime should look like when you are totally done sketching, drawing, and shading him in. All you have to do now is color him in. That will do it for this tutorial on how to draw Optimus Prime from the Transformers. I will see you all soon.

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