Coloring and Drawing Competition In My Area

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On the Independence Day, residents in my village always held free coloring and drawing competition. This has become a habit that has lasted a long time. The competition was attended by 139 children for coloring competition, for drawing competition 113 children are the participants. The purpose of this activity is to cultivate creativity of students and to hone their drawing skills. Hopefully with this coloring competition the coaching in early childhood can shape the character to be a noble human, dynamic, active, creative and productive.

The coloring competition participants get a prize from the sponsors such a coloring books and stationery. This was deliberately done to increase the spirit of the children in this area. The children follow these activities with enthusiasm.

In the next year, we will hold another drawing competition with greater gift than this year. And we will invite all children to participate in this competition which will be held next year. So, prepare your self to this coloring and drawing competition.

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