Anime Coloring Book Pages

"Anime" is the form of animation that has developed out of Japan and has become popular amongst a devoted following around the world. Japanese anime and manga are considered unique and cutting edge, and at the top of their field.

The iconic image of Japanese anime is that of a female character with exagerrated body proportions and facial features, particularly extra large eyes. This is culturally related, as big round eyes are considered beautiful in Japan.

For a small sample of what anime is like, please have a look at these anime coloring book pages. I hope these give you the inspiration to look more into Japanese anime and enjoy all its unique charm.

Female anime coloring book pages.

Manga and anime coloring book pages for Japanophiles and anime freaks!

Anime coloring book pages for young animation lovers to color.

Cute large eyes anime coloring book pages of female characters.

Kawaii female anime characters coloring book picture pages.

Sailor pluto anime coloring book pages Japan.

Thanks for seeing these anime coloring book pages of Japan style comics (manga) characters. I hope you liked these, and maybe they made you more interested in Japan style animation (I hope). See you next time!

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