Insect Coloring Sheets

Kids are fascinated with insects! I know I used to love collecting bugs and "studying" them. Insects are great for kids to learn about nature, the animal kingdom, biology, and the life cycle. So these printable insect coloring sheets can be useful for teachers to use in their insect units at school.

Insect coloring sheets of ants.

Bee insect coloring sheets for kids to study.

Printable insect coloring sheets for school kids to color and investigate, like this butterfly.

Coloring sheets of insects like this ladybug.

Coloring sheets of insects like dragonflies.

Free grasshopper coloring sheet insect pictures.

Bug insect coloring pages and book sheets for kids to print for free.

Black widow spider insect coloring sheets. Yes, I know they're really arachnids!

Insect tick coloring sheets for free.

Free moth printable insect coloring sheets for kids who like collecting bugs!

Educational insect coloring sheets for teachers at school.

Thanks for checking out these insect coloring sheets. I hope your kids found them educational and enjoyable! I feel like collecting some bugs now! Anyway, be sure to check back for more coloring page collections and future updates! See ya!

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