Clifford Coloring Page

Here you can find a cute and fun Clifford coloring page. Clifford the Big Red Dog is loved by children and adults all over the world. Clifford was born a runt, the smallest puppy in his litter. But because his owner Emily Elizabeth loved him so much, he grew to become a huge giant dog. This basis of the story of Clifford teaches children the power of love to influence the world around them.

Clifford the Big Red Dog inspires positivity in the hearts of countless people, so we'd like to celebrate Clifford with these coloring pages of him.

Clifford coloring page of girl next to the giant red dog!

Clifford the red dog coloring page of him receiving an award for bravery!

Free Clifford coloring page of big red dog with a bone in his mouth, and a heart balloon on his tail.

Clifford with friends diving coloring page pictures for free.

Clifford Coloring Page of the big red dog kicking a ball with friends.

Clifford the red dog eating a huge ice cream cone coloring page for free download.

I hope you found a Clifford coloring page that you liked. Be sure to check back for more coloring sheet bundles. I upload new ones often. See you again next time!

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